Monday, 20 July 2020

The Structure of Gynoecium - Class 12, Chap 2, Lec 8

Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants

The Structure Of Gynoecium:

The female reproductive organ of a plant is Gynoecium. The unit of Gynoecium is Pistil or Carpel. Pistil or Carpel is also known as megasporophyll. 
The pistil or carpel is divided into three parts- 
1. Stigma - Stigma is the upper part of pistil or Carpel on which pollen grain lands. Stigma provides moisture, nutrients and other factors to the germinating pollen grain.
2. Style - The middle part of pistil which is thin, long and narrow tube like structure is called style.
3. Ovary - The basal swollen part of pistil or carpel is called ovary. 

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