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Structure of Stamen, CLASS - 12 Chapter 2- lecture -1

Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

 The flower has several parts, such as-
Non -essential part-
1. Outer part -- Calyx  -------- Sepal (unit of calyx )
                                                 functions are-
                              Sepals provide protection to the inner whorls.
2. Inner part -- Corolla --- Petals (unit of Corolla ) ---
                                Petals also attract insects for pollination.
Essential part-
1. Androecium ( Microsporophyll ) ------ Stamen ( unit of androecium )
                                                                   Stamen is the male reproductive organ .
2. Gynoecium ( Megasporophyll ) ------- Pistil or Carpel ( unit of gynoecium )
                                               Pistil or Carpel is the female reproductive organ.

Structure of Stamen-
Stamen has three distinct parts-
1. Anther - It is the upper swallon part of filament.
2. Connective - It connects anther to the filament and it is made of connective tissue.
3. Filament - Filament is a thin , long and thread like structure . Filament remain attached with the thalamus. Filament attaches Stamen to the thalamus.  

Objective questions for practice---- 

1. The unit of Calyx is--
a). Petals  b). Sepals
c). Both    d). None .
2. Essential part of a flower is/are -
a). Androecieum  b). Calyx 
c). Gynoecium     d). Both a and c .
3. Male reproductive organ of a plant is -
a). Calyx        b). Pistil
c). Stamen      d). Corolla
4. Choose the correct statement about Stamen -
a). Stamen is the unit of corolla 
b). Stamen is the unit of calyx
c). Stamens attract pollinators 
d). Stamen protects a flower in bloom condition
5. Megasporophyll is the one among these is -
a). Androecium
b). Gynoecium 
c). Calyx 
d). Corolla 


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